Ego vs Higher Self if you want to live an amazing life

If you have already read my previous posts, you’ll understand that in a nutshell, listening to the voice of your higher self rather than the sound of your ego is THE key to help you have or be whatever you want and meet success in ALL areas of your life. So, here is my list of the voice of the ego vs the Higher Self which has helped and always helps me to make every day amazingly fabulous 🙂 :

What the EGO says/feels/does What the HIGHER SELF says/feels/does
1 Hate Love
2 Jealousy, anger, frustration Gratitude
3 Bad feelings : sadness, despair, fear, … Good feelings : happiness, hope, trust, …
4 Resentment, grudge Forgiveness
5 Negativity, pessimism Positivity, optimism
6 Procrastination, laziness Motivation
7 Fear, “I can’t do this, I can’t, I can’t because..” Confidence, remembering that you are limitless
8 Problems Opportunities, they are challenges to help us grow
9 Quick fix Long term solutions
10 “I am superior than you and you are inferior than me” Life is permanently changing : we all have the power to improve ourselves like certain people who came from nothing but became successful
11 Selfishness and selfcenterdness : me, my, mine, only me We are all connected : what you do (or not) to others will come back to you and has an impact on your life
12 Stress Relaxed, calm and at peace
13 Linger on past events and/or worry about the future Embrace the present moment
14 Materialism Material things are just tools to help us
15 Narrowmindedness : makes you feel stuck, live the same life as yesterday Openmindedness : not being afraid to discover new things and see more opportunities
16 Scarcity Abundance
17 Loneliness Self love, I am my own best friend first
18 Illnesses Health and well-being
19 Depression, suicide thoughts Life is (really) beautiful, life is a gift, life is a great challenge and is just amazing
20 Violence, cruelty Peace, compassion
21 “It’s others fault, I am a victim of circumstances” “I am responsible for everything that happens, I create my life the way I want it to be”
22 Too much attention to what others think Freedom, self-confidence

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