2 big lessons from death

People living deeply have no fear of death. Anaïs Nin

The recent deaths of many acquaintances and then an uncle and one of my dogs made me realize that we can die at a very unexpected moment, against all logic and reason, and we may regret certain things (even small ones) that we did not really care about until the person is gone.

Nonetheless, we all know that death is inevitable and that sooner or later we will all die without any exception.

For me, after those deaths, what I learned are:

1- love at all cost : we should take care of all the people that we love as long as we are still alive and show them love permanently. We will not regret anything by doing this. We have to be constantly happy and make people happy too because life is too short and unsure to be unhappy, sad or angry. Love, forget quickly, forgive and ask for forgiveness. Show love permanently: to yourself, to others…even to your enemies because even if the person that hurt you or with whom you had a fight dies one day, you will feel bad for having not forgiven or asked for forgiveness. How would you feel if the last word you said to someone was hurtful and mean whereas you will never see that person again ?

Love lightens a heart full of anger, hate and grudge. Love makes forgiveness easier. Love makes us thrive. Love frees and gives peace. So, love and always manifest love to anyone, anywhere, at any time.

2- always do the best you can and realize your dreams now. I will never forget that moment when I was in college and one of our teachers told us : “There is none like this very moment which is this precised minute and hour of this month and year. This moment is unique and you will never live it again so, do not waste it on useless things, live this moment for the things that are only essential to you and always do better.”


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