My key to build a rock-solid self confidence

If you always tend to be afraid of talking to people or cannot handle difficult situations, maybe you just do not have enough self-confidence. Lack of self-confidence is characterized by fear of failure when you have to deal with important situations: a job interview, meeting an important person, writing your diplomas thesis, changing or quitting your job, setting up your own business, etc.

Personally, I tried all kinds of tricks and methods from many books and articles to boost my self-confidence and I have to tell you that they all had positive effects except the fact that they did not last long because I have not worked on the “real cause” of it.

So, one day I discovered as if “by chance” Patricia d’Angeli’s hypnosis session which is for me the quickest, long lasting and most powerful method to build self-confidence. It was like if I have literally found a gold mine! Actually, the principle is : there is a Higher Self within each of us, a Greater Self – you can call it God, or the Supreme Force, or The Spirit, or the Higher Self or whatever you want to call it– who knows everything and is able to accomplish beautiful and great things. If we make it merge with the “lower self” – the conscious part that thinks logically and consciously – we can achieve great things.

The proof that it exists?

We have all experienced this situation when we have made a mistake for example and just after we did it, we realize immediately what we should have done instead. Furthermore, a part of us knew the best answer but we did not listen to it, we ignored it, or we just forgot it. Actually, as Patricia d’Angeli said : “…you are able to know if a music sounds good or bad, that you like it or not. If you can know and feel that, it is only because the good, true, and beautiful music resonates in you. Otherwise, how would you know that someone sings well or bad if you do not already have the right music within yourself? …How would you know that you can have a better life if you do not already have that ideal and dreamed life within yourself to compare?”

I personally imagine this Higher Self as a projection of the force or the fabulous energy that has created all these marvelous things that exist now : the complexity of the universe and the physical and mathematical laws that govern it, the galaxies, the planets, the wonders of the nature and even the composition and the human body system.

Be aware and remember this greatness in you, its power and its perfection. Forget all those negative things that people said about you and that are stuck in your mind. As well, do not focus on the toughness of circumstances (the cost of living increase, economical crisis, etc.) but rather look at all the positive and good things that you have accomplished. Really take a break and make a list of all the events that you have succeeded and that made you proud of yourself though they may seem insignificant for other people: having won a contest, having seduced the audience during a presentation, having the job that you dreamt of, having seduced someone, …If you have not found any, think of your talents: your ability to play an instrument, paint, draw, dance, cook, etc. You can also remember your qualities and characters: generous, kind, helpful, patient, etc. Actually, these things are all manifestations of the Higher Self and they are all priceless because even the richest man in the world cannot afford them. And if you ever think that you have never achieved any special or great thing at all or if you may think that you do not have any good quality, just think about the incredible job that all the organs of your body are doing: your beating heart that pumps blood permanently at the same time as your stomach is digesting, your kidneys that filter toxins, your cells that are continuously regenerating. Isn’t that amazing? And it is your Higher Self that handles all of this each moment without any help from your “lower conscious self”.

Therefore, when you have to face a problem or when you have a question that needs an answer, simply ask your Higher Self the question: “How would you react?” How would you answer? Is that really your mission/job to do that? » and the answer will show up like a sort of echo from inside. Then act immediately and confidently without hesitating and doubting anymore because you know that your greatest version is there to manage perfectly the task or the action.

Also act without taking personally the negativity and the pessimism of people which may lead to forgetting your Greatness inside you and losing your confidence. In fact, what people say is the reflect of themselves : if they are pessimistic about others’project or always say bad and mean things it is because they always fail their own project and are hurt somewhere inside themselves, that is their own business. Never take it personally. Pursue your own path because you already have the Inner Strength to reach your goals and realize your projects.

You, who are reading this, you come from the Supreme Force, the Energy that has created all the wonders of the world, you are a part of it and you are fabulous! If you let It work with your lower self, you will undoubtedly live an amazing life! 🙂

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