Your current job will make you rich if…

When work is a pleasure, life is joy! When work is a duty, life is slavery

Many people, mostly employees, focus on the negative sides of their job: they have lost their freedom and their lives became monotonous. The feel as if they have sacrificed their time, their family, their health (yes because we already know the effects of stress on our body: all kinds of disease including cancers, accelerated aging, obesity, high blood pressure…). And all of this, in order to receive a salary which, most of the time, is not proportionate to the effort they put in.

And this was even my case a while back. And this might be YOURS too.

Actually, most of people ignore that it is really possible to live a whole different kind of life: being rich and free without being a slave of job! They make the mistake of thinking that what people do is the only way to live and they must follow the same way and there is nothing better than that. Yes it is true for 90% of ordinary people but for the remaining 10%, these are extraordinary people and these are those who DARED not to follow the mass and are living an amazing life now.

Actually, with your current job you can choose between:

– complaining and focusing on its negative sides and suffer until retirement


– being boosted by your current situation, develop yourself and become rich.

If you choose for the 2nd option :

1-Stop complaining and find a B plan :

Complaining and criticizing will not change your job and your daily life if you do nothing.

Find THE radical solution by looking for another income-generating activity. Ideally, look for a passive income activity that will make you earn money without working hard anymore after you have it all set up (like some internet based business, renting, etc). And needless to say, avoid as much as possible employed jobs unless you want to deal with the same “challenge” 🙂  that you are living now.

And the most important thing to do once you have found the idea is to find some time to work on it every single day. An advice: invest in something that you really love, as Confucius said : “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” You will see that though you work for your company (like me now!) you will still find it easier to work for your business even if you have to stay up late at night.

2- Produce more

Try to always be productive at each moment of your life. You will then add value to your life and to others and therefore you will be on the way to wealth. Actually, if you really want to change your job (and your life at the same time), always pay attention to everything so that it makes you productive. Personally, I always ask myself this question when I do something: “What are the benefits that it will bring to me and does it develop myself?”

Everything you do and everything you consume, absolutely everything : food, entertainment, the music you listen to, the movies you watch, going on social networks without specific goals, etc. are they good for you and do they help you to improve in the long run? Even people that you meet; do they help you develop your activity or push you to do so or do they deplete your energy, bring you down and take your attention off your goal? If they bring you closer to your goal continue doing so if not avoid them.

3- Always feel good about your job and be grateful

Here, it is not about just being content with your job but being thankful to life that it gave you this great gift that gave you the opportunity to have more experiences, to provide for your needs, to grow and improve yourself because this is a challenge that will help you to be rich. Focus on all the good things of your job and be grateful for them.

Remember that very moment when you got this job; how happy and super-motivated you were! The hope for a better life! Personally, I always try to maintain this state of joy instead of focusing on the disadvantages of my current job because feeling good is the sign that we have positive thoughts and when we have positive thoughts about the things we have, we easily « attract » things and we see more opportunities rather than obstacles. As Gandhi said: “A man is the product of his thoughts, what he thinks, he becomes.” Emotions are concrete manifestations of the thoughts that create our reality. If you always feel good, that means that you think positively and you are optimistic and your life, on all its sides, will just be the reflections of these beautiful thoughts.

If you’re born poor, it’s not your mistake. But if you die poor, it’s your mistake

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